Thursday, August 20, 2009

Walking with the Lord and Knowing His Love

We are always thrilled to receive testimonies and articles from young women who are following after the Lord! This is an article from a 17 year old young women named Rose, who writes to us from Austin, Texas. Thank you so much for sharing with us, Rose!

Walking an
d Tripping

This afternoon I took a walk with my four-year-old niece through the woods behind our house. She was so cute and seemed to enjoy every minute of the walk.

As we were coming out of the woods and down a slope in the path she tripped. I pulled up my hand so that she wouldn't fall. She quickly regained her footing and we finished our walk without further incident.

It hit me that this is similar to what God does for us. We reach up with all our might to find the hand of God. He joyfully takes our hand. “Let’s walk together,” He says with a smile. I readily agree. We begin to walk, hand in hand. I'm filled with joy and love.

At first He leads me through woods. “Stay on the path.” He gently reminds me. “And you won't get hurt. Remember that I love you.”

We continue to walk. I get a little tired. The way gets dark. But I still keep in step with Him. Then the trees begin to thin. The sun hits my face like the heat from an oven. The ground slopes down. We begin to walk a little faster. My heart begins to race. Yet His voice and hand lead me on, “Come, this is the way home.” I walk on, beginning to lose my breath.

Then I trip. I forgot the hand that holds mine so firmly. I sin.

Yet His hand still holds mine firmly. Instead of slipping away His hand pulls me up. He lifts me up so that I don't fall. “I'm here,” He says. “I'll keep you.”

So we keep walking together.

Even in those times when I let go of His hand and utterly fall, He stops and calls to me with love. He gently picks me up and carries me close to His heart until I can walk again.

How great and unsearchable is this love that God has given to me, that He holds my hand and walks with me. And He carries me when I fall, no matter what I've done. How great is this love that the Father has lavished on me!