Friday, January 21, 2011

Videocast Follow-up

Dear Sisters,

I hope you are having an amazing week in Jesus!!! He is amazing!

It has been so sweet to get your emails… I LOVE getting to be in touch this way! I feel like we are able to share heart to heart, even if we can’t be right with each other. I love hearing what the Lord is doing in your hearts and lives! So, do keep them coming – and again, even if I can’t answer, I do read and love them!

For those of you who are wondering - YES, feel free to post these videos on your blogs, Facebooks, etc.! We want to encourage as many people in Jesus as possible! There is a little share button with the little social media icons at the end of each post that you can feel free to use! (To embed the video on your blog, just click the embed button on the video and it will copy the code that you can past in a post.)

I am praying for you as you continue to seek Jesus! It is the most incredible adventure of all time. He is so worth seeking and I just love knowing that we are doing it together! No matter where you are right now, THIS MOMENT is the time to seek Him!

Ooh - and we are so excited about the next videocast coming in February on loving Jesus! There is a special surprise that goes along with this month’s video! You are going to have to stay posted! I am super excited for what the Lord is going to do!!!

Have an incredible day loving Jesus!

With love as your sister,


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