Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions - Media Challenge

The main things are:
1. Stay completely off the internet and TV.
2. Pour your time into deepening your walk with and love for Jesus.

Listening to Music and Audio books:
These are fine, as long as they will really help you deepen your love for Jesus!

School or home business emailing:
We understand that some of you are in college or have a business from home that requires email. If you strictly stick to just what you NEED to do for these, along with the Winter Challenge rules, you are alright.
We do encourage you to pursue as much time as possible deepening your relationship with the Lord.

Is it okay if I use some of my email time to print off encouraging articles or do you think it would be better if I just cut of all "browsing?"
No, all browsing does need to be cut for the Challenge - but, maybe you could print things off ahead of time or go for good books!

Can I visit the LTLM blog?
We will not be posting on the blog for the month of March and the challenge requires that you are FULLY off of the internet. We are even planning to have the March videocast up on February 28th so you can watch it before you go off!

Can I type letters or journal on the computer?
This is fine. It is internet/email that we are requiring you to stay off. But, we again challenge you to spend as much time on things that will deepen your love for Jesus vs. being busy with lots of other things. The goal is to minimize the media and maximize time with Jesus!