Friday, December 23, 2011

- It is Jesus’ Birthday - Are we sacrificing to give something of value to Him?

We may be giving lots of gifts to others in honor of Christmas, but are we giving anything of value to the ONE Christmas is all about? Most of all, He wants our hearts. But, when we sacrifice to give something of value to someone, it increases our love for them. On His birthday, He and the Father gave the greatest gift (Jesus) for God’s glory and our salvation. Our LIFE should be fully given to Jesus (so let this season be a revival of this), but also is there maybe something that you can give up in order to give Him something special? Maybe returning that new sweater you bought and giving that money to a missionary who is sharing Jesus? Or maybe it's passing on a Christmas party and spending that time with Him? Let's give something precious to the One Who is our greatest Treasure and Who this season is all about!