Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A testimony of the joy of seeking Jesus

A sweet young woman named Isabella, who has found the fulfillment that comes from knowing Jesus through seeking Him, shares a testimony of time spent with Jesus with us:

"I've realized now more than ever that whatever you pour your time into, that's what you will start loving and desiring to spend more time on.  As I've spent time with Jesus and poured my time into seeking Him, that's what I desire to do now more than anything!  And that's what I most cherish doing! As I've spent time with the Lord, I have learned more of who He is, and in learning more of who He is, I can't help but not want to know Him more!  I have seen that  He truly is everything I need and so much more!  He truly, "satisfies the longing soul". Psalm 107:9"