Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Encouraging Testimonies from the Summer Pursuit

As we wrap up the Summer Pursuit 2012, we wanted to share a few testimonies of what Jesus does as you seek Him!  It was such a blessing to hear story after story of God's mighty work in hearts and lives as young women dedicated their summer to seek Him!  This is what happens when you seek our amazing God!

Here are a few testimonies we received from young women who took the pursuit:

The Summer Pursuit has taught me more about God and made it come to life for me!  It made God come closer to me and help me understand.
~ Joy

This summer when I signed up and made a commitment to read my Bible every day, I had no idea what a challenge it would be!  God showed me how much He wanted me to read and love His Word.  It was hard to get up and study His Word every day, but when I would get into the Bible, the Lord really drew me to Himself in a special way.
  ~ Bethany

"The testimony of the Lord is sure making wise the simple." Psalm 19.  I have done the Summer challenge several times, yet each time I learn more and grow closer to Him than before.  You can never stop learning from God's Word.  ~ Anna

The Summer Pursuit was an answer to my prayers ~ I was having difficulty setting aside time each day for devotions and prayed the Lord would help me to find a way to make my time with Him a more regular practice.  Not only did the Summer Pursuit help me to do that, but it also helped me by making me accountable to others and to hide His Word in my heart.  It really made a difference in my life.  ~ Havala

Throughout the year, I have been struggling to do devotions daily, but I just kept on saying to myself, "I'll do my devotions this evening, when I'm not so busy."  I would almost always forget.  Summer Pursuit has helped me to do devotions daily and not to only read a few verses from the Bible every once in a while.  It has also brought me closer to God so that when I pray, I always remember that He is listening to me. ~ Cecily
I had so much fun doing the Summer Pursuit, Jesus can really and truly change your life forever and I am glad that this program gave me the opportunity allow Him to do so."  ~ Victoria

I really enjoyed it.  It was a wonderful time for me to grow closer to the Lord with having to keep track and make sure I kept up with my Bible reading and I hope that now that will be a habit and I will read God's Word every day. ~ Elisabeth