Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family Relationships Testimony!

Here is a testimony we received from one young woman who applied the challenge for Day 7!

"For today's challenge, I decided that I would really seek to take interest in my younger siblings by listening to them when they are telling me something they did. That can be really hard, and is something I often fail to do. :( It is so amazing to me how little it takes to make a child's day! My little sister is delighted if I simply play a 5 minute game with her, and it means a lot to my brother if I take interest in something he is telling me. And it brings me joy to know that I am blessing someone else, and often serves to build character in me. ;) We can bring so much joy to other's lives if we will just be on the lookout for opportunities!"
Please send us testimonies of what the Lord is doing as you apply the follow-up activities! Other young women LOVE hearing about how you have applied the Truth and found results!  You can email us at!