Monday, May 13, 2013

Update on Grandma

Thank you so much for your prayers, care, and thoughtfulness for my Grandma!

By the Lord's grace, I was able to visit my Grandma last Wednesday, spend some quality time, and share the Gospel with her again. She listened, responded to questions, and she verbally acknowledged that she does trust Jesus to save her, but Jesus alone knows what has taken place in her heart.  Only the Lord can open her eyes, bring the truths from her head to her heart, draw her to Himself, and know her standing with Him. I long for her to know Jesus and put her trust in Him alone.  I treasure your prayers for this to be a true reality in her life!

We visited her again yesterday and received a call from hospice today – and she is rapidly declining.  It looks like her time on earth is short.  My heart’s longing is that even in these last few days that the Lord could open her heart to receive Him.  He holds our lives in His hands.  What a thing it is to trust our lives and eternal destinies  - and those of those we love – to the One Who gave His life for us!

Thank you for your beautiful part in longing that others would know our amazing Savior!

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