Monday, August 26, 2013

You are Loved!

Dear Friends,

I hope that you have had a beautiful summer filled with Jesus and knowing more of Him!  It has been a joy to hear stories about His special work in your hearts -  We have such a personal Savior who delights to draw us closer to Him!  May we ever grow closer to Him!

These have been full days with preparation for the Romanian "Beautiful to God" conferences (and as a result the blog has been more quiet)!  We are so excited about what the Lord has done and is doing - this is His work bringing this together and we are in awe of Him!  (We are so excited to share more with you!)

We would treasure your joining us in prayer as we prepare for the conferences, for the time in Romania, and for the Lord's continued work in hearts when the conferences are over!  We will be posting updates of His faithfulness and answers to your prayers in the coming days.

You can expect to see more here on the blog again after Romania.  In the mean time, may the Lord bless you as you cling to Him, dig into His Word, and embrace His work in your hearts!

"There is none like you... O Lord, nor are there any works like yours." Psalm 86:8

With love in our amazing Jesus,


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