Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Join us in giving the Lord thanks!

Dear Friends,

I want to live a life of thanks to the Lord every day of my life...We have so much to be thankful for in our Jesus!  Thanksgiving is a precious time to tune our hearts to "Give thanks to the Lord..." (Psalm 139:1)

Will you join me in praising Him and listing a few things you are thankful to have in Him?

Here are a few of mine:
~ Grace
~ The Bible in my language
~ People who love Him (that includes YOU)
...and so many more!

What are you thankful for? 

Please leave things you are grateful for as comments below!
  {You never know - I might have to join in and add some more!}

May your Thanksgiving be BLESSED as you dwell on all the Lord has blessed you with in Jesus!

Thanking Him with you,


  1. Oh, Jesus has been so good to me! There is so much to be thankful for, but here is just a small list....I'm so grateful to Jesus that...
    ~everyday He is conforming me into the image of Jesus! He is still working on me, He hasn't given up!
    ~He want's what's best for me! I only need to trust Him, He knows what He's doing! He's in control!
    ~He cares about EVERY single little detail in my life! It's incredible!
    ~He knows just what I need right when I need it, and never fails to perform it! He is SO faithful!
    ~All that He's spoken to my heart and shown me recently! He is SO amazing and such a good GOd!
    ~All that He has in store...following Jesus is so exciting and amazing!
    ~for the amazing people He's brought into my life...they have been such rich blessings! And He's used them in such powerful ways!

  2. YHWH blesses us with so many things DAILY!! I am thankful for (Psalm 119:164):
    - His great love!
    - That He, through Jesus Christ, saved us from our abundant sins!
    - The Bible. That we have our own copies, in our own language!
    - Our life, our every breath and heartbeat!
    - Our family
    - Our home
    - Food, water and clothing!

    Praise God for the many, many blessings He bestows on us! We can find true joy, peace and shelter in Him! May YHWH bless you, Miss Amy, and all of the young ladies who are reading this blog, with refreshment from His word, joy and may His face shine on you, as you serve Him! Keep seeking!
    ~Martha Joy