Wednesday, December 4, 2013

~ The Wonder of Belonging to the King ~

It is an inexpressible,
And wondrous thing,
To belong to Christ Jesus -
The King of Kings.

To be fully ransomed,
By His sinless blood,
As Christ’s own purchased Bride,
Of His matchless love.

Saved from my sin,
And God’s righteous wrath.
Enfolded into His family,
Secure in Heaven’s path.

By placing full faith,
In Jesus alone.
Who took all my punishment,
For my soul to atone.

And by turning from self,
The world, and sin.
And surrendering to Christ,
To be fully His.

In Him is life,
Abundant and true,
Washed from all sin,
A creation made new.

Rescued by grace,
By mercy healed,
By love satisfied,
By His Spirit sealed.

His heart to know,
His Kingdom to seek,
His precious Word,
To set me free.

The joy of His presence,
Now and forever.
The sweetness of Him,
As my greatest Treasure.

For all of eternity,
I will sing,
Of the wonder of belonging,
To the King of Kings.

~ Amy Vest
(Copyright © December 2013)

1 comment:

  1. This is absolutely beautiful, Amy... Thank you so much for sharing it! Father has been showing me lately that I am living for now, not for eternity, and for myself, not Him. These are the two deadliest things, but with His almighty love and ever present hand, I shall keep pressing forward until I reach my goal, Jesus Christ. :)