Thursday, May 29, 2014

~ The Summer Devotions Pursuit is About a Relationship ~

As we embark on the Summer Devotions Pursuit 2014 {this Sunday!}, there is something I so believe the Lord wants us to remember:

We are seeking
~ not to simply follow some action guidelines, but ~
a Person.


A personal relationship with the only One who can satisfy our souls. 

Jesus is pursuing you.

Devotions, time in His Word, prayer, memorization, and fellowship are an opportunity to respond to Him ~
to allow Him to meet us,
show us who He is,
and satisfy us.

He is:
~ Who we were made to know
~ Where we will find what we're longing for
~ The One who is the source of all that we need in life

Jesus.  As you meet with Him, you will be forever transformed.

The Summer Devotions Pursuit is a call to a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am so excited to embrace a summer of more of Him together!

Are you ready?

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