Sunday, July 27, 2014

Always Needy of Jesus ~ by Amy Vest

Today I am sitting outside to meet with Jesus ~
the wind rustling in the trees
and blowing through my hair...
puffy white clouds float through the blue sky.
I open my Bible and the Holy Spirit takes the living Words of God,
and cascades them into my heart...
I am forever changed as Jesus meets with me.

My heart is also quick to remember ~
Some days I am sitting inside on a rainy day with an aching body or heart, struggle, or a battle - needing His grace.  I open my Bible and He is working, whether I can feel it at that moment, or not.

I am thinking of you, friend, as you are meeting with Jesus this summer.

Wherever you are - a sweet, sunny day or a painful, rainy day - Jesus is there.

Every day we are just as needy of Jesus and His Word in us.  On the sunshiny and sweet days, and on the rainy and painful days:

~ He is just as faithful, no matter how we feel or what we can see
~ His Word feeds us and grows us by His Spirit
~ Time in prayer not only is heard by Him, but changes us

He keeps His promise that,"...he exists and that he rewards those who seek him." Hebrews 11:6

May He bless you as you seek Him today!

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