Sunday, October 9, 2016

Summer Devotions Pursuit Testimonies!

Below are some of your powerful Summer Devotions Pursuit testimonies! We were so blessed receiving testimonies of what the Lord did in your hearts as you spent time with Him this summer and wanted to share some.  He is amazing!  (For those of you who mailed in your charts, your reward packages should be arriving soon!)  May Jesus bless you as you continue to seek Him - He truly is the greatest Reward!

"I am really glad I did the Summer Pursuit again this year.  I have grown closer to God and have learned a lot."  ~ Madisen B. of MN

"I feel after doing Summer Pursuit my faith and love for God has strengthened and grown.  This has been a great summer of blessings from the Lord.  I am so glad I was able to do Summer Pursuit this year."  ~ Rebekah R. of NE

"This summer the Lord has brought me close to Himself and taught me so much!  It was truly a blessing to learn about the depth of His love.  The Lord has taught me abundantly this year!  Thank you for this opportunity!"  ~ Gabriella I. of MN
"This summer of devotions has been great!  I’ve learned so much and grown.  I feel like God used this summer to help me have a stronger relationship with Him.  At times, I had my doubts about whether or not to continue doing the chart and when God intervened and took hold of my thoughts, everything I read seemed to be so rich.  I love doing this chart during the summer to have that reminder in the midst of the busy summer to spend time with Him."  ~ Miranda B. of MN

"This summer God showed me how much I need Him and what His death truly means to me, that I stand “…to present you holy in His sight, without blemish and free from accusation” (Col. 1:22) holy before Him.  He always goes to the heart of the matter too.  He also knows me better than I know myself, I learned a lot about submitting my will to His, He has the big plan/picture in mind.  Also learning to fear Him, my relationship is always changing/growing with my Father."  ~ Jasmine J. of Alberta

"The Summer Pursuit was amazing!  When I first heard about it from a friend I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do it.  But I thought it might give me some good accountability so I started in.  The first few weeks were fun and easy.  I was so excited and often went past the 15 min.  And then it got a little harder.  There were many days I’d wake up just completely not wanting to do my quiet time.  But because of this I’d persevere, do it, and find joy in His presence.  And then our 3 week trip came and that was some of the hardest days to do it.  There were many days that were busy and full of traveling and seeing family.  But because of this I tried my best to do it and was always thankful when I did.  My heart has definitely drawn closer to God through this summer!  Thank you so much for putting this on!"  ~ Hannah E. of FL

"This entire summer has been enriched by my devoted and consistent Bible reading, thanks to this worthy pursuit.  Being “forced” to spend time with Jesus has helped strengthen my relationship with Him as well as pointing out areas in my life that needed to change.  I was also so much more diligent to memorize God’s Word.  I now have all of Philippians 2, Psalm 23 & 46, and more hidden in my heart forever!  God also worked in my life through my telephone talks with Hannah.  We both were encouraged to find similar areas of struggling which we now work together to fix in a God-honoring way.  Thank you for aiding me in my walk with Christ."  ~ Hosanna K. of KY

"It has helped me a lot I did this last year and it was great.  It motivated me to read every day.  And after it was over I read maybe 1 chapter a day.  This helps me to spend more time because I am being kept accountable.  Keep up the great work.  And remember “the best reward is knowing Jesus”.'  ~ Maria M. of MN

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