Saturday, March 17, 2012

“30 Days of Loving Jesus by Looking at Who He Is” - Completed!

Dear Friends,

This week, the “30 Days of Loving Jesus by Looking at Who He Is” has officially come to completion. It has been amazing! If you have not had the chance to read all of the posts here on the blog, we encourage you to do so!*

We hope that for you this is just the beginning of a life of seeking to know and love Jesus more!

I want to encourage you in continuing this amazing journey of knowing Jesus yourself by sharing one thing that has been a big blessing to me in seeking to know and love Jesus for Who He is. This has been to keep a “Who Jesus Is” journal.

Ideas for keeping a "Who Jesus Is" Journal:

~ Write down qualities you know about Him. You could probably name a lot of qualities off the top of your head – and from your heart! For example, “loving, faithful, forgiving, patient, holy…”
~ As you read your Bible, write down qualities of Who He is and verses/reference that tell you that. For example, “righteous and kind - Psalm 145:17, “The Lord is righteous in all his ways and kind in all his works.”
~ Write down every time you discover something more about Him. This can be in reading His Word, in seeing Him real in your life, in someone sharing about Him, etc. Record how you saw it real in your life.
~ Use what you have written in your journal in your prayer time to worship and praise the Lord for Who He is. It is so beautiful to go through your journal and praise the Lord for all that He is! It glorifies Him and it blesses you as you focus on the amazing Lord you belong to!

My friends, it is SO important that you know Jesus and Who He is for yourself! That is when your life will be transformed. Don’t rest with just hearing about Him from others, but know Him for yourself! Someone wisely said, “What comes to your mind when you think of God is the most important thing about you.” This is because you will live your life in line with what you believe about God – What you believe will shape your life. Earnestly seek to know the Lord for yourself, friends! As you do, you will never be the same!

Psalm 9:10 is so true and is a beautiful promise to claim as you seek the Lord, “And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; For You, LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You.”

We would love to have you share testimonies of what the Lord does and shows you as you seek Him by emailing us at!

Blessings as you seek to know our amazing Jesus for yourself!

I love you, sisters, and I love loving Jesus with you,
Amy Vest
for Loving the Lord Ministries

* A big thank you to every young woman who contributed a blog post on a quality of Jesus that they love! It was such a blessing to hear Who you have seen Him to be and to love Him more together!