Thursday, January 10, 2013

~ Announcing the January Giveaway! ~

~ Announcing the January Giveaway! ~
The giveaway this month is a: “Beautiful to God” T~shirt!

There are 3 ways to enter:
1. Memorize our memory verse for the month and quote it to someone. (January’s is ~ John 10:10)
2. Share the link to the previous post OR this announcement on Facebook, your blog, or by email, encouraging your friends to join us - and comment on here on blog ( sharing one thing Jesus is teaching you as you study the topic this month – or all of the above! (Each one of these counts for 1 entry, so if you share it on all 3 and comment on the blog, you can enter 4 times!)
3. Read the article by Amy on the blog from last Thursday, watch the video, and take 15 minutes to pray talking to the Lord about it and asking Him to work in you.

You can email and tell us your number of entries by January 24th (you can enter a total of 6 times each month with the above opportunities)! We will announce the winner on the blog on January 31st! 


  1. The one thing Christ has been teaching me is that not only am I beautiful just the way I am, but that He also takes care of the little things.

    Serving HIM,

  2. what is the topic this month? Does that mean "Beautiful to God"?

    1. Taylor, Thank you for your question! The topic this month is ~ Living the Life that God Created You to Live. You can see the details in the article by Amy Vest below. (

  3. Hi! thank you for running this giveaway.

    One thing the Lord has been showing me is to surrender everything to Him! He is far more capable of taking care of my needs then I am, so I've learned surrenduring everything to Him is SO important!

    Seeking Him with you,

  4. One of the many things that spoke to me through the article Living the Life that God Created You to Live, is that I need to put Jesus FIRST in my life, and trust that He will be all I need!

  5. One thing that has really stood out to me recently (both from the November conference and the article) is how much more time I need to be spending in the Bible! Before, daily Bible reading was just something I did quick to get it over with and "check it off", but by putting Jesus first in my life, as Hannah put it, now daily Bible reading is something I'm EXCITED to do! I remember how sometimes I used to read an extra chapter so I didn't have to do it the next day, but now I enjoy reading an extra chapter just because I love reading the Bible! Thank you so much for all of your material.