Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Princess Cake Miracle ~ by Amy Vest

Today I was at a local café for lunch with my mom and then she was going to go do something while I met a friend for tea at the same café.  While Mom and I were eating, I was facing the display case of their incredibly gorgeous cakes.  I noticed that they had a single slice of a cake that friends had been telling me about for years.  It is called Princess Cake.  I said to Mom, “Oh, there is a single slice of the Princess Cake! Usually it is a whole cake.  But, I maybe shouldn’t right now… and get my health strong.  Maybe later.  If I could just have one bite and try it, it would be perfect.  Well, maybe another time.”  (In general, I avoid sweets to keep my immune system strong – but, I do love a treat now and again!)  So, we finished our lunch time together.

My friend arrived, I got tea and she got a muffin.  We sat and were having a great talk about all that the Lord has been teaching us and doing in our lives.  (The talk was so sweet and we continued to drink water when our tea and muffin were gone.)

Up to our table walks one of the employees of the café with two slices of cake – and says, “I thought you should have something to eat while you talk.”  You guessed it.  One slice was the Princess Cake.  I felt so loved by Jesus.  He sees the little things.  He loves to remind us of His close involvement in our lives.

Whether we can see it or not, Jesus loves us.  Today He let me see it.  Isn’t it sweet to be His princess?


  1. Thanks for sharing your special story, Amy! Jesus shows His love to us in so many ways. He is even concerned about "little" things!

  2. This made me smile! Yes, it is sweet to be His princess. :) Thanks for sharing! :)
    -Emily H.

  3. How sweet!! :D Oh, I love the the Lord shows His goodness in those little unexpected gifts. What an encouragement to have faith. :) Such a beautiful story Amy, thank you for sharing! :D

    Love in Christ,

  4. This is so beautiful, Amy!
    It is such a wonderful reminder to me what a privilege it is to be
    the princess of the King of Kings!!
    He is so faithful to show us His love! :)
    Thank you so much for sharing this...


  5. What a good reminder! Thank-you, Amy!