Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Re-launching the Loving the Lord Blog TODAY!

Dear Friends,

We are so excited and grateful to Jesus to re-launch the Loving the Lord Blog TODAY!!!

Our Jesus is so amazing, we love you, we love seeking Jesus with you, and we are eagerly anticipating all that Jesus has in store as we seek Him together here on the blog in the coming days!

This is meant to be a gathering place to cheer one another on in Jesus - so please come often, interact in the comments, and invite your friends to join us!

You can watch for:
Encouraging articles
Powerful videos
Inspiring testimonies
Practical application ideas
...and more!

Please feel free to comment below to say "Hi" and to tell us anything you would like us to pray about covering on the blog in the months to come!

Jesus is ready to meet us! 

Are you ready?

With much love in Jesus,
Amy Vest and the Loving the Lord Ministries Staff

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  1. Hello Team! I'm looking forward to reading your upcoming articles. I try to limit my blog reading in general, but I always am eager to read your posts because I know they'll challenge and encourage me in my Christian walk!

    1. Hi Friend! We are so grateful to Jesus to have you join us! He is so wonderful and it is a gift to seek Him with others who love Him! We're excited for what He has in store!