Monday, December 12, 2016

Beautiful to God Class Update ~ Sessions 5, 6 & 7

We have had such amazing times looking to Jesus together at the Beautiful to God Class the past 3 sessions!

Together we have looked at:

Session 5 - The Power of a Pure Heart: We looked at the motivation for purity being Matthew 5:8, the joy of Jesus purifying us, living from that purity in every area of life, and seeking to honor Him in our relationships with guys.

Session 6 - The Influence of Your Thoughts and Emotions:  We looked at God's Word being our Truth that we base our life upon, how we can get in the Truth and have it in us, and how to fight lies with Truth.

Session 7 - You are Perfectly Made by God:  We explored the beauty that all God does is an outflow of His character, the perfection of His plan, and the excitement of His individual plan for each of our lives as a part of the story for His glory!

Jesus is meeting us, working in our hearts, and deepening our vision to live the life He created us for in Him!

We are seeing more and more that Jesus is amazing and worthy of seeking with all that we are!

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