Wednesday, October 4, 2017

~ Summer Devotions Pursuit 2017 Testimonies ~

"I feel closer to God and think about Him more than I used to." ~ Anonymous

"I was extremely blessed by my quiet time with the Lord this summer!  He has given me direction for the new season of life I am entering upon, and has truly brought me closer to Himself!  He has enabled me to know Him in a new way this summer!  Thank you for hosting this challenge!" ~ Claire, WA

"This summer I believe that God has given me a more proneness to pray to Him.  Also to pray for other people that I see, hear, or read about." ~ Grace, CA

"Thank you for putting this challenge together!  This is my 4th year doing it and this has been the most blessed!  I memorized Psalm 34 this year and am helping my sisters to memorize it.  It is such a beautiful Psalm!  I have learned what a true blessing it is to spend time with the Lord!  I will never master the beauty of all God is!  But it is such a blessing to have Him as my gracious Father!" ~ Maria, NE

"I have been participating in the Devotions Summer Pursuit for about 3 years.  Each year I have learned something new about God, how I can better pursue a relationship with Him, and my sinful tendencies to put off daily Bible reading.  This year, God has specifically revealed to me how absolutely everything is for His ultimate glory, how important prayer is in our relationship, and that I tend to put off our time together because I believe other things are more important." ~ Hannah, MN

"Before this summer I never had a consistent quiet time.  Doing Summer Pursuit really helped me to develop a habit.  I also feel like I am closer to the Lord than I’ve ever been before.  I read through a lot of the Psalms and a little bit in Matthew.  Reading through the Psalms was really neat because there is so much diversity in thoughts.  Thank you for putting this resource together!" ~ Mary, OH

"Thank you so much for starting this Summer Devotions Challenge!  It has greatly benefitted my relationship with our Heavenly Father!" ~ Emma, WA

"This summer the Lord helped me spend time with Him almost daily... I hope I will continue to spend time seeking the Lord daily and showing it in my words and actions. The Lord really showed me His power this summer through all the stories I read about Him... I’m so thankful I get to worship such an amazing God!  I hope to continue to be a bright light for Him." ~ Brooke, OH

"Throughout this summer the Lord has worked in many ways on my heart.  The more time I spent with Him, the more I longed to be in His presence, and on days that were shorter or I didn’t get one in, I could see a direct effect on my day – it was less fulfilling and I would struggle more in some areas.  He opened my eyes to some of my weaker areas and lead me to some encouraging Scripture so that I can work on them.  He has shown me the importance of boldness and fearlessness in sharing the Gospel, the importance of people hearing it, and that only things done in Christ’s name will really matter in eternity.  By having to spend time in the Word each day this summer it has really become a top priority where it should be, but isn’t always.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity!  It has been very uplifting and helped me much.  God bless!" ~ Anonymous

 "The Lord has definitely been working on my life this summer!  He has guided me through many obstacles and has given me many blessings.  I just wonder how people make it through life without Him! Thank you for the chart – it has kept me on track with my personal quiet time with God." ~ Caitlyn, OH

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