Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Reminders of Jesus ~ Practical Application ~ by Amy Vest

I love reminders, don't you?

If you are like me, even when you want something so much, it is easy to get distracted and reminders can be so helpful!

When I was growing in my walk with Jesus, I wanted to have something that reminded me of Jesus, His love, and my relationship with Him.  He gave me anything shaped like a heart as a reminder of Him and His love for me.  

It was so amazing to watch as suddenly heart shaped things started appearing everywhere - clouds, a carrot in my salad, a splash of paint on the sidewalk, and so much more!

Often I will see the reminder, smile, and say, "I love You, too, Jesus!"This shifts my whole perspective as my eyes are lifted from my day to the One Who loves me and is my life - and then changes how I live!

Often the Lord will bring it just when I need it - like one time I was cleaning the bathroom and having a harder day.  I looked at the counter as I cleaned and there was a heart shaped puddle of water!  My whole perspective changed as I remembered Jesus and His love for me!

This reminder continues to be so sweet to this day.  (Scattered through this post are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks!)

These reminders can be such a powerful tool in pointing our minds and hearts to Jesus and living more fully with Him as our life!

"For your steadfast love is before my eyes, and I walk in your faithfulness."  Psalm 26:3

I have other reminders as well - a ring I wear, things around my room, sunlight sparkling on the water, a loon's call, etc., but the heart-shaped things remain the sweet, practical reminder that Jesus uses again and again to turn my mind to Himself and His love!

Young women I know have chosen all kinds of things - roses, butterflies, stars, the cross, sparkles, etc. - that are special reminders in their walk with the Lord!  

I encourage you to ask the Lord what you can have as a reminder of His love and a tool to point you to living with Him as your life!

It is important to remember that He is always there, He always loves you, and He is always true life whether you are seeing those reminders, or not.  These reminders are just a sweet tool the Lord can use to encourage us in Himself and in living with Him as our life!

I want that, don't you?

May Jesus use these reminders to encourage you in your journey of drawing deeper with Him!


It's your  turn - we want to hear from you!  What is a reminder you have of Jesus and living with Him as your life? We'd love for you to leave a comment below!


  1. Thank you for this beautiful post, Amy!!! You know what, we share something in common...hearts are my special reminder too!!!! :) Several years ago I watched one of your conference videos, and in it you told about your special heart-reminder of God's love for you. Well, I also adapted that and have been blessed to see an innumerable number of them!! ;) YES, leaves, rocks, soapy dish water puddles on the counter, food, and the list goes on and on. Even just today I was cleaning a bathroom, and there were atleast one or two hearts that I saw. ;) It has been so precious to see God's love all around me! It seems the more I start to notice them, the more there are!!! ;)
    Thank you again for this beautiful post (and pictures! That heart rock is amazing!!!) and this beautiful reminder with all of us!
    Sending you a ♥! :)
    ~Martha Joy

  2. Thank you, Martha Joy! What a delight to hear that the Lord has given you special reminders of His love through hearts! Thank you so much for sharing and may you be reminded today of the love of Jesus for you! Sending you a heart, too! <3 ~ Amy